Shipping Instructions

Prepare Quilt ~

  1. Indicate top of quilt, if desired, with masking tape. 
  2. Top must be clean, pressed, points & threads clipped, no pins or basting. 
  3. Batting & Backing, if sent by customer, should be 4" larger on all sides than the quilt top. 
  4. Include fabric for binding if required, and any sketch of special instructions that might be helpful for a desired look. 
  5. Contact me and let me know the quilt top has been shipped.

Return Shipping Charges ~ $15 for most quilt sizes.  $20 for quilts over 90”. $100 insurance included, additional insurance $3.00 per hundred.


Ship To:

Springdale Quilting

Attn: Melinda Walker

143 Springdale Lane

Fort Seybert, WV 26802