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Quilting Cost Calculator

                  Width _______ x Length _______ = _______ Sq. Inches                 

         _______ Sq. Inches x _______ Cost per Sq. Inch = _______ Total Cost   

Quilting is a gift you give yourself.
Quilt being rolled on the machine.

Quilt being rolled on the machine.


Multiple Borders - Add $15 per border. (Does not apply to category  "Custom.")

Cut Outs - Add $1.50 for each cut out. Used for pictures or designs that does not get quilted over.

Thread - A single solid color thread is included in the quilting price.

Monofilament and Specialty Threads - Available for an extra charge of $2 per sq yd.

Multiple Thread Colors - Primary solid color thread, no charge, unless it is a monofilament or specialty thread.  Additional solid color thread fee of $2 each.  Additional monofilament or specialty thread fee of $4 each.

Show Quality Finish - Available for an extra fee of 15% of the quilting fee.  All strings are tired off and buried in for no show of start and stops.

Remounting - $10  This is to turn quilt for specialty border requests.

Binding Service - $.10 per linear inch. Binding supplied already made for me to machine attach to the front of quilt. Hand sewing done by the customer.  $.15 per linear inch. You supply the fabric and I will make the binding and attach it to front of quilt by machine. Hand sewing done by the customer.

Batting - I offer only top quality batting products from Hobbs, Quilter's Dream, and Warm and Natural.

Design Work - $15/hr.

Miscellaneous Service - $15/hr. Pressing, repairs, piece backing, squaring, etc.

Quilting Classes - Available for groups of individuals. Ask about our next class opening. 

You piece it. I’ll complete it.